Google Voice Transfer & Hardware Updates for Method 7

Oct 2018 – Dec 2018
I had the pleasure of working with Method 7, a locally based Santa Cruz optics company. They wanted to cut the cords to their existing phone service and switch to Google Voice. I promptly found solutions to make their office function seamlessly and reduce their costs to virtually nothing. They were so pleased with the upgrade process that they also enlisted my help with upgrading their shipping hardware in the warehouse to meet growing demands for their product.

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

Oct 2014 – Ongoing
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, previously Strictly Bluegrass, is an annual free and non-commercial music festival held the first weekend of October in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

I have had the pleasure of working on this gig for the past 4 years and I love it! The crew is fantastic, the music is amazing, and the whole weekend is a fun time for San Francisco. 

Each year my role shifts a bit, but I have become a staple in the ‘media tent’ providing quick and organized ingestion of media from various devices/formats to hard drives. Most of the event is shot on P2 cards and needs to be quickly copied (and backed-up!) before being cleared and sent back out to shooters on 6 different stages.

On the flip side, we also need to make sure that everything is running smoothly for the LiveStream of the event, which requires constant vigilance for video/audio issues and resolving the current status of artists who may not want a live crew or have specifications for their performance. 

It’s an intense 3-4 days (including setup), but it is immensely rewarding to be apart of the digital archive that is HSB. 

EG Conference

April 2016 – Ongoing
EG is the best creative conference in the world — an intimate annual gathering and a touchstone for leading innovators in every imaginable field. Inventors and educators, artists and designers, thinkers and writers, scientists and engineers, musicians and magicians, young and old, the famous and the not yet discovered. There is no other gathering like it.

For the past 3 years I have had a series of unforgettable experiences at the annual EG Conference. You can usually find me backstage, operating two or more computers with a live stream playing in the background. 

As a live stream assistant I carefully watch each presenter and look for the juicy nuggets of prose that encapsulate their message; sometimes humorous, other times sobering. I try to characterize the presentation in the format done by it’s creator for those who aren’t present at the event. Afterwards, these “pull-quotes” are used with a image of the presenter for social media, website assets, and even on EG’s own app. The community of this event is unparalleled in it’s diversity and recognition of a true sense of wonder & knowledge. 

Check out all of the past presentations from EG or register for an upcoming one:


  • Spearheaded a guerrilla social marketing campaign around Santa Cruz, CA to promote the 2015 TEDx event at the Rio Theatre. 
  • Edited and distributed promotional print materials.
  • Promoted event thoroughly with all social media channels, engaged with participants on multiple platforms
  • Coordinated with speakers to assist with digital presentation materials
  • Engaged with students at UCSC and Cabrillo to provide advance tickets. 

Moontime Harmony

August 2015
I helped Donna Wolper with the inception, creation, and management of her website for her Women’s Retreat. Moontime Harmony helps women get in touch with their feminine ‘energy’ and Donna needed a website to reserve spaces for her retreat in addition to promoting her various books and other publications. I worked closely with her to create a digital property that was all her own and one in which she could confidently update moving forward.

Faye Augustine – Personal Art Website

Aug 2014 – Dec 2014
Assisted a local artist in building a new website and uploading finished works for presentation. I also focused on organizing and backing up much of her physical archive to a digital format. In addition I made several quality of life upgrades with her local network and hardware.

Emily Reilly Real Estate Warrior

August 2014
I am so happy to have had the opportunity to work with Emily Reilly. Emily was my Real Estate Agent for the home I purchased in 2013 and was essential in helping us with each aspect of the sale. A little over a year later, Emily decided that she would benefit from a personal website, something that shows her involvement in the community and a digital way to tell her story, be it in the world of real estate, as a Warriors sponsor, or the owner of Emily’s Bakery.

The Closet Shopper Santa Cruz

March 2014
In spring 2014 I had the pleasure of working with Shannon, Owner of the Closet Shopper in downtown Santa Cruz. The Closet Shopper is a small women’s clothing shop that offers trade and consignment. Shannon wanted some help updating her existing website and to unveil a new site with her newest project, The Closet Shopper Fashion Truck! She wanted a site that could have an embedded calendar so that people could know of the Truck’s location as she featured it around the area. I was very pleased to have had a role in this project and look forward to see what innovations Shannon has next!

J&T Management

November 2013
For this project I constructed a site for J&T Management, that displays their various services in gas station management, including several project galleries and contact information. I also assisted in completing the content and updating the graphical content of their logo as well as a flash video featuring that logo.

Wizard Science

April 2012
In early 2012 I had the pleasure of joining up with a local music event production company known as Wizard Science. I constructed a modified child theme for a premium wordpress expierence that includes a music player and blog page. I helped instruct the company on how to use wordpress and did a variety of posts myself. This project also required the creation of a logo, by the time we had finished we had two.

Reference to co-founders Kyle Boyar ( and 
JR Rolle ( (formerly

January 2012
This project was worked on weekly by myself, and the Technical Director for the program, Hasnain Nazar. It is built upon a customized premium wordpress theme and has an interactive map as well as galleries for current students, alumni, and projects. At the time I also updated the GIIP program’s logo and optimized the site’s SEO. The current site has recently been updated to the Everett Program as part of their re-branding process, but I am glad to have had a role in the progression of this program after my graduation from UCSC.

August 2012
For this project I constructed a basic landing page for The Savannah Cat Shoppe in Corona, CA. This website is on customized premium wordpress theme that uses a flash based 3D homepage banner. I also created several new graphics for them and updated their older logo. The content mostly revolves around “Scarlett’s Magic” a World Record Holding Cat for the category of Tallest and Longest Domestic Cat.
Reference to Owner, Leon Draper (909-559-9660 or